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Why choose SFR Electrical?

S.F.R. Electrical has a team that specialize in the provision of professional electrical and solar services for both commercial and residential premises. S.F.R. Electrical is a customer focused business, tailoring the job to what suits you and your family best. Greg's approach makes it a very personal and individual experience ensuring that you walk away with the best possible outcome for your home. Our team clearly understands the need to maintain your electrical systems in a safe and properly functional condition. We have the expertise to carry all the electrical work that you might need. We also specialize in array of electrical installations as well as electrical upgrades for our customers. Not only will our team provide your house with the electrical systems that it needs, but you will be educated on everything we have to offer so that you are making the right decision for what suits you and your home best. Our expertise also extends into interior and exterior lighting décor. We can add ideal lighting installations in your premises that will create a perfect blend and ambience in your home interiors. Whether you are looking for strategically placed lighting, pool lighting or even emergency lighting, you can count on our expertise in the area to offer you the best solutions.

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