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NJP Electrical Services carry out domestic and commercial electrical installations, maintenance and repairs. We are electrical contractors with a unique approach. We recognise it's always the small things that make or break a job. Our team of electrical contractors are highly focused on ensuring your property is respected and cleaned. We have the tools and electrical supplies to keep your property tidy from start to finish, including painters' drop sheets, vacuum cleaners, boot covers and more. We have a range of stocked vehicles in order to complete jobs in the same visit and reduce the overall customer cost. We also employ a full time workshop and purchasing officer who can deliver non-standard items, which may be required to complete the job without having to re-book further appointments. Services we provide include: Fire detection and warning systems design installations, maintenance and repairs Energy management, audits and cost reduction products and services Specialist electrical services - IP nurse call systems, CCTV and security system design and installation

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