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Here at Bowketts Electrical we specialize in shop fitouts for a range of corporate businesses. Bowketts has been offering our electrical services Australia wide for over 40 years. In this time, we have mastered the art of providing top quality electrical work with a focus on quality, safety, and building lasting professional relationships. Here are a few reasons we stand out from the rest: • Bowketts electrical has a proven track record of developing great working relationships with our clients and employees. This shines through in our customer satisfaction and high retention rate of clients and employees. • We are continually working with our electricians to train and develop their skills, offering ongoing training and support. • We are the Electrical Contractor responsible for fitting out Retail Giants like Telstra Stores, Mecca, and 7 Eleven Fuel Stations. • We offer comprehensive completion packs once a project is finished. These are essentially a handbook tailored to each job we complete, containing information on warranty, parts specifications, safety guidelines, and more. • We operate our business strictly in accordance to the Electrical Safety Act, Australian Wiring Standards, and Electrical Safety Regulations. We adhere to these regulations not only to fulfil our legal obligations as a business, but above all for the safety and peace of mind for all of Bowketts' employees, stakeholders, and clients If you are seeking ongoing business for commercial projects on Qoin, please contact us today to negotiate.

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