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Why choose ABC Electric Services?

ABC Electric Services is Sydney's most reliable and professional electrical service. We take on jobs that are not more than a consecutive weeks' work, operating on a tight cash flow so that overheads don't get the better of us And essentially we pass on the savings. When you call ABC Electric Services you'll be answered by a qualified electrician who will quickly estimate and explain your situation in a format that you can understand. We also specialise in helping big jobs get done. We won't take on the whole contract but we will bring in supervised teams to your project to help get it finished quicker. Our teams range from 2 to 250 tradesmen and are all supervised. Are you having problems and need assistance with your electrical needs? Contact us now and experience our fast and friendly service. Our expert lighting division is managed by Scotty who is keeps up to date with manufacturers on the latest LED technologies. This allows us pass on the benefits to our customers, making sure they get the latest products and best quality. For further information please visit our website or phone us today.

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